9:15 am    Barre

  7:15 pm    Reformer Plus


  5:15 pm    Reformer Plus  

  6:15 pm    Barre
  7:15 pm    Beginner Reformer

  9:15 am    Virtual Barre  

10:15 am    Reformer Plus

  6:15 pm    Virtual Cardio Dance

  7:15 pm    Reformer Plus


  5:15 pm    Reformer Plus

  6:15 pm    Barre 

​  6:15 pm    Virtual Barre

  7:15 pm    Advanced Reformer   


  9:15 am    Virtual Barre

  9:15 am    Barre

Pilates Reformer Training

Class Schedule ​

Studio Policies

Class Registration

Due to class size restrictions, online registration is required for all of our classes at least one hour prior to class start time.  Register online www.clients.mindbodyonline.com.


PiYoBa Studio recommends form fitting clothing for the Mat Pilates, Yoga, and Reformer classes. Socks must be worn in the Pilates room, studio socks with grip soles are recommended to enhance performance while utilizing the equipment. Please, no zippers.

While we understand that life happens, we kindly request that you cancel any Reformer Class reservation 24 hours prior to your scheduled class time. If you need to cancel your reservation for other classes, please do so at least one hour prior to the start of your class. If notice isn't given, you will be charged for the class.

​Inclement Weather
Unless notified, the studio will be open; however, we encourage you to follow up with the MindBody scheduling site for any last minute changes or cancellations. Should weather conditions or school closures prevent you from attending your scheduled session, please email the studio via the contact us page. We will do our best to work with you in these situations.​

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8706 Morrissette Dr.

Springfield, VA 22152


BOLD classes are in person at Piyoba Studio facility. Online registration is required for all classes.
Schedule is subject to change, check MINDBODY.com for the most up to date schedule.


At PiYoBa our classes are suited for all fitness levels! ​

All PiYoBa classes require

online registration.


Class Descriptions

Advanced Pilates

This class is intended for participants with significant Reformer experience. Please consult with the instructor or studio before registering for Advanced Reformer.

Inspired by a combination of Ballet and Pilates, this class is designed to strengthen, tone and balance the entire body. With the use of the ballet barre, light weights and core stability balls, you will be encouraged to focus on form and precision while performing small isometric movements.


Reformer Plus
Reformer Plus classes provide instruction in a variety of Pilates equipment, reformer, tower, chair and arc. Participants should have experience with Pilates reformer.​​

 Cardio Dance
Looking for a dance party?  You've come to the right place!  Dance Fitness is a high-energy and high-intensity dance workout.  Move and groove to some great hits while burning major calories.  All levels welcome, kids 10 & up too!


Mat Pilates
Inspired by the classical Pilates developed by Joseph Pilates, this contemporary style format will leave you feeling challenged, balanced and energized.


Pilates Reformer
The Pilates Reformer was designed to create longer, leaner muscles, increase flexibility, improve posture, and relieve stress. This class utilizes breath patterns to aid in precise movements performed with concentration and control.

Pilates Suspension Method
The Pilates Suspension Method (PSM) takes Pilates mat and equipment based exercises and performs them on a suspension trainer, like TRX. Much like traditional Pilates equipment classes, PSM classes provide a full body workout that challenges your stability and flexibility, while maintaining the integrity of the Pilates method.


Work your body like you never thought possible!  Using the combination of these two apparatuses you will lengthen and strengthen your muscles without adding bulk.  You will leave this class having worked the entire body - feeling totally exhilarated.


Yogalates for Sensitive Lower Back:  A unique blend of breathwork, gentle yoga stretches and Pilates exercises to stretch and strengthen the lower back and abdominals. Props such as small ball and straps can be used.​